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Limebury Books is undertaking the on-line and paperback publication of a trilogy on behalf of Patrick C Notchtree.

It is a trilogy because it is written in three sequential parts, each long enough and able to stand alone; but it forms one long story.

"The Clouds Still Hang" is trilogy based heavily on his own life telling a story of love and loyalty, betrothal and betrayal, triumph and tragedy; novels that chart one man's attempts to rise above the legacy of a traumatic childhood.

The first book deals with Simon's childhood friendship and eventually love affair with an older boy, the second the trauma of his teenage years and early adulthood, the third his struggle to maintain equilibrium and the catastrophic consequences of his failure at one point to achieve that.

It is a fictional biography, written because it tells a strong story which raises many issues over six decades, the post war baby boomer generation who in many ways never had it so good.

His own experience is probably unique, yet will strike a chord with many others who have been through similar things, as well as those with an interest in such matters, either personal or professional, such as police and probation officers, criminologists with an interest in this field or those investigating the developing 'queer theory'.

It's a varied, exciting, demanding, sometimes terrifying life story.

The first part was originally published in March 2012 under the title "The Secret Catamite Book 1 The Book of Daniel" which is still available separately in downloadable formats only.

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About "The Clouds Still Hang":

Brad Durham @tottness200

Finished the book earlier this week. A very emotional read. Your book was v enjoyable, emotional and sad. Tweets are not long enough to explain the roller coaster of emotions I felt. how I wished I could have been there to help so many times. Again ty for this book

Excerpts from reviews of Book 1:

The first book follows the protagonist Simon through childhood growing up with a distant father and his developing friendship and eventual love affair with an older boy.

Carol Powney writes:

"It is about need, caring and love. There is something beautiful even nurturing about this growing friendship and love. Yet it is a well written story that shows the naturalness of these boys emotions and growing sexuality including their normal sexual orientation at their age for them.I look forward to reading more from Patrick Notchtree. English is very good and a well written tale so 5 stars."

Gerry Burnie writes:

"Altogether, for me this is a breakthrough book for its sensitive portrayal of adolescent sexuality, and its ability to relate to most people's childhood experiences. There are some flaws, but I'm going to give it five bees, anyway."

Rob Bassindale writes:

"I have just finished reading this book, this beautifully written book. It's a story about 2 young boys that form a beautiful friendship, that goes into a tale of their sexual awakenings.
I could not put it down, I read many many books, and this hand on heart is the best thing I have read. the last view chapters I was in tears.
Follow anything this guy writes, this book is a classic."

P. J. Leeson writes:

"This is a wonderful little book about a slowly developing love story. The story of these two boys who are friends, then lovers, their family lives, their mutual admiration and friendship and the word that they never dare to say. It is a tender story, it is a loving story, at times funny, at times sad, at times sexy - a bit like life."


Jose Miranda Jose Miranda @jmirandanyc

Finished and ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!! I can't stop thinking of Daniel's response in the end! <3 :'( when is the 2nd book!!!

Yu Xiu Wong @johnnywyx

Just used the whole night to finish the book! when will the next book be out?! Can't wait to know what's gonna happen

Front cover of  'The Clouds Still Hang'